Frequently Asked Questions

Turning-Leaf-trimed-boyWhat are your qualifications to teach my child?

Each reading instructor at Turning Leaf Literacy Center has had extensive training and years of experience working with children in the field of education. All of us at Turning Leaf Literacy Center have a passion for what we do and your child’s success is our goal.

How far behind do I let my child get before I know that he/she needs help?

Although you hope and wish that your child will soon catch up in his/her class, the reality is that most of the time, they need a little push or some extra help getting there. As long as the child is behind, the gap between where they are and where they need to be will continue to stay the same, if not get larger. Action must be taken quickly to close that gap.

What kind of progress will I be able to see at the end of my child’s time at Turning Leaf Literacy Center?

Because all children are different, their success rate will also be different. We move as fast and efficiently as possible making sure that as we work, the student understands and has a firm grasp on what is being taught before moving on and introducing new concepts. There will be post testing at the completion of the session hours in order to gage your student’s progress.